Roger over hennep (1998)

High Times heeft een interview met Roger uit 1998 herplaatst. In het interview gaat het voornamelijk over het leven op het platteland en het gebruik van hennep.

“I went to live in the country very early on in our career, because I realized I needed balance. I lost so many friends. I love the rock’n’roll lifestyle, but a part of me needed to be totally away from it. Something exactly the opposite. So I went to the countryside“.


Dispatch kijkt terug op Who-concert

The Columbus Dispatch kijkt terug op de diverse concerten in 2013. Ook het concert dat The Who op 17 februari jl. in de Value City Arena gaf wordt besproken.

The Who, Feb. 17, Value City Arena: Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, surviving members of the half-century-old band, brilliantly performed the rock opera Quadrophenia in its entirety with the help of session pros including Zak Starkey and Simon Townshend.”

“What we want for Christmas from rock’s biggest bands”

Omdat het vandaag Kerstmis is (fijne kerstdagen allemaal!), heeft Ultimate Classic Rock een overzicht, wat ze graag van diverse rockbands zouden willen zien – of juist niet.

Ook The Who wordt genoemd:

Sure, The Who pioneered the rock opera to great success.  The problem is that Pete Townshend has a hard time saying goodbye to the genre. ‘A Quick One, While He’s Away,’ ‘Tommy,’ ‘Quadrophenia,’ the even the aborted ‘Lifehouse’ project were worthy of the group’s time and effort, but by the time ‘Wire & Glass’ came out in 2006, it was clear Townshend couldn’t stop obsessing about his childhood traumas in anything less than a cringe worthy way. I’m all for a good primal scream to get your demons out, but let’s not forget that some of The Who’s underplayed, but still stellar songs came out of a period when the band decided to call it quits (Um, this would be the first time they were breaking up in 1982).  I’m talking about the album ‘It’s Hard.’ The first six songs on the record are just pure gold, and had the group really broken up, it would have been a fitting end for a band that went from Mods, to a kind of prog rock opera sound, into more compact, but still powerful songs that demonstrated why they are one of greats“.

Justin Kreutzmann over werken met Pete heeft een interview met Justin Kreutzmann. Hij werkte tussen 2006 en 2008 samen met Rachel Fuller en Pete. In het interview vertelt hij hoe deze samenwerking tot stand is gekomen.

[A]t Rockpalast I was 12 and it was lasers and jumping around and “Who Are You” and “Pinball Wizard,” and I’m like, “This is the greatest frickin’ band I ever heard in my life.” When you watch them play “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” is there anything better in the rock world? So, it just hit me“.