“Floss” in de lente?

In de nieuwe uitgave van Uncut staat dat “Floss”, een soloalbum van Pete, in de lente uitkomt.

The solo album I’m working on at the moment is so dark I’m hoping that when people have finished listening to it they’ll kill themselves. It’s called FLOSS. It’s going to be a very serious, very long opera. I’m pretending to be Sting. There won’t be any lutes. No, it’s not dark, really. It’s just very, very focused and serious.

The idea is that we’re all terrified. We’re living in terror, we’re living in anxiety, discomfort and the fear that we have is for the future, the fear for our children’s future. We’re worried about the planet, we’re worried about terrorism, being able to sustain life as we love it, we’re afraid we can’t guarantee peace. It ends with an interactive art installation. I’m hoping that will last a couple of years. I started working on it in 2008 and I’m hoping a series of songs from it will come out next May or June“, aldus Pete.

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