Kenney: “My drums sounded like pudding on `Face Dances`”

The Huffington Post heeft een uitgebreid interview met Kenney Jones. Vrijwel zijn hele carrière komt ter sprake.

“I’d worked with Pete prior to joining The Who. I’d been over to his house several times when he was working on demos and we wound up kinda working on each other’s demos. We got to know each other pretty well from it. As you know, we met back in the 60s. When I was in the Small Faces, we toured with The Who all over England, Europe, Australia. I have the utmost admiration for Pete. He’s a fine musician. I’m privileged to have worked with him. He’s great. He and John. Working between Pete and John I was contending with two lead guitarists [laughs].

Over de opnames van “Face Dances” (1981):
“When we did the first album, Face Dances, I was taken aback by their choice of Bill Szymczyk as the producer. I thought, Oh God, this ain’t right. I mean, we had an edge to our sound. Bill was brought in and we ended up sounding like The Eagles. First, understand, I love Bill Szymczyk. He is a fantastic guy. I just always thought he was wrong producer for The Who. My drums sounded like pudding!”


One thought on “Kenney: “My drums sounded like pudding on `Face Dances`”

  1. Mooi interview. Ik heb Kenney Jones altijd een gave drummer gevonden. Lijkt me trouwens een heel gave boxset, die van de Small Faces. Beetje aan de prijs. Maar,eerlijk is eerlijk, dan hèb je ook wat!

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