“Meet ‘Lambert & Stamp’: The Unlikely Duo That Tamed the Who”

Rolling Stone heeft een recensie geplaatst over de documentaire “Lambert & Stamp”, die eerder deze week op het Sundance Film Festival in première is gegaan.

Shot primarily in stark black and white, the film – which resembles mod London – unpacks the idiosyncratic connection between an unlikely duo: the posh Lambert, son of a classical composer, and the blue-collar Stamp, son of a dockworker. The result is an intimate look at how this partnership produced one of the greatest rock bands in history“.

Ook de leden van The Who komen aan het woord in de documentaire. “It’s clear that a mutual affection persists. “Like all good manipulators you don’t even know what they’re doing to you,” Townshend says on screen. “I loved them immediately.”


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