Crew Chris Evans Show zingt voor Roger

Morgen viert Roger zijn 70e verjaardag. Vandaag was hij te gast bij de Chris Evans Breakfast Show op BBC Radio 2. De crew besloot alvast “Happy Birthday” voor hem te gaan zingen.

Het interview is hier terug te beluisteren (vanaf 1:40:00).


Recensie: “Vividly alive!”

The Guardian heeft een recensie geplaatst van het concert dat Wilko Johnson en Roger eergisteren in Londen gaven. De krant geeft 4 van 5 sterren.

“The defiant high spirits with which Johnson has approached last year’s diagnosis of inoperable pancreatic cancer – declaring himself “vividly alive”, setting out to rock until he dropped, and joking, “If I ain’t dead by the end of the year, it’s gonna start getting embarrassing” when he’d outlasted his allotted six months – are infectious.

Dad-dancing, forgetting lyrics and muddling his lyric sheets like a doddery rock champion, Daltrey sweeps all sense of finality, tribute or po-faced reverence from the evening and lifts it towards a tearless celebration, a lock-in at the last chance saloon. After cracking through the Who’s I Can’t Explain, he holds his microphone to Wilko’s stomach as if the disease itself might sing a verse, while Johnson mock-dies. While he is living life this fully, and with such bristling bravado, long may he feel mortified“.

Roger over zijn lengte

Roger is met een lengte van 1,68 meter niet een van de grootste rocksterren. Hij wijt dit aan het eten in de oorlog, dat toen op rantsoen was. Dat is te lezen op

“I wish I had Robert Plant’s legs and his height… Robert grew up when there was food in the parlour. I was born in 1944, and ’45 was the worst year of the war for food – even the bread was half chalk. Look at anyone born in ’44 in the working class. We’re all short”, aldus Roger.

Recensies concert Wilko/Roger

De eerste recensies zijn online verschenen.

De London Evening Standard meldt:
Daltrey turns 70 on Saturday and is more autumn lion than spring chicken but sweary, good-natured and having a ball, the evening’s old style, bluesy R&B was probably how The Who would have sounded had he been in charge. Johnson, though, looked astonishing for a man in his condition and he could still rattle out solos during Ice on the Motorway and Dr Feelgood’s Sneakin’ Suspicion“.

The Independent geeft 4 van 5 sterren.
“Daltrey brings his own moody intensity with a superb take on ‘’Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?’’, finger-pointing to emphasise the “so righteous” lyric of the Bob Dylan composition (….) The Bush may be Daltrey’s old manor but he feels his way into the material penned by Johnson, a disciple of the Chuck Berry school of succinctness with gems like ‘‘Sneakin’ Suspicion’’.(…) Diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer over a year ago, Johnson sounds as vital as ever. Long live rock as The Who’s Pete Townshend famously wrote in 1971”

Concert Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey (London)

Gisteravond gaven Wilko Johnson en Roger samen een concert in het Shepherd’s Bush Empire in Londen. De eerste zes nummers werden door Wilko en band gespeeld, waaronder twee nummers van zijn voormalige band Dr. Feelgood. Daarna verscheen Roger op het podium, die aftrapte met “Going Back Home” (eveneens van Dr. Feelgood). Het concert werd afgesloten met “I Can’t Explain“, waarna een reprise volgde van het nummer “I Keep It To Myself“.

Roger werkt weer aan Keith Moon-film

Roger is weer begonnen aan een script voor een film over het leven van Keith Moon. Dat meldt Female First. Hij heeft een van de allereerste scripts weer teruggehaald.

I’m back on it, and I’m back to the very first draft of the script , which I’ve always loved and which was written by John Lahr. I don’t know who is going to play Keith, but it has to become someone new. Twenty years ago I had Robert Downey Jr. lined up. I had the whole damn thing down, but the script was only 60 percent there, and all people wanted at the time was ‘Carry On Keith’.”, aldus Roger.

Ook zegt hij dat hij John Entwistle erg mist, en dan vooral zijn humour. “John crops up in my thoughts all the time. I wish I’d recorded some of our conversations, because John would say very little but every 15 minutes there’d be one priceless comedy line. It was such a rock ‘n’ roll death, though, wasn’t it? Two lines of coke and a bird in the Hard Rock! He was probably eating a hamburger as well, though where he was eating it from, who knows?

Interview met Roger en Wilko in nieuwe “Uncut”

In de april-editie van Uncut, die vanaf 28 februari in de winkels ligt, staat een interview met Roger en Wilko Johnson.

Roger: “I just said to him, ‘You choose the songs and I’ll have a go at singing whatever you throw at me.’ It was all done in a real rush. But so much modern music is over-polished and this album has a freshness. Fast, three-minute R’n’B songs. No bullshit. Just great songs“.

Wilko: “Imagine Roger Daltrey saying to you, ‘I’ll sing whatever you like’. So I took advantage…