Roger: “Hope I die before I get too old”

Mensen zouden niet ouder dan 100 jaar moeten worden. De medische vooruitgang die dit mogelijk zou kunnen maken, zou een halt toegeroepen moeten worden. Dat is althans de mening van Roger, die hij bekendmaakt in The Independent.

We are never going to cure every cancer and you can spend an awful lot of money on drugs that might only give someone an extra three months of life. We should all start to be a bit more aware of our mortality and start debating that fact that we’re all going to die one day“, zegt Roger in het artikel.

It could be a heart attack, liver failure or cancer. Only 5% of us die in our sleep and they are the lucky ones. We all really need to wake up. We’ve been living in denial for too long in our society. We’d be better off if we really tried not to live forever. It (death) doesn’t frighten me at all.”

Het feit dat mensen ouder worden dan 100 jaar vindt Roger beangstigend. “I read in the papers about people’s life expectancy being extended beyond 100 to 120 even. Has anybody ever thought what that world would be like? It would be a bloody nightmare. Our children and grandchildren would tell us we were getting in the way“.

Verder in het artikel aandacht aan het album dat Roger met Wilko Johnson heeft opgenomen. Johnson, die kanker heeft en terminaal is, weigerde chemotherapie. “If Wilko had had the chemotherapy he would be dead by now in all honesty. This thing inside of him is as big as a grapefruit and it’s getting bigger every day“, zegt Roger.


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