“Leaving The Who was the biggest mistake of my life”

The Express heeft een interview met Doug Sandom (83), die onlangs een boek over zijn tijd bij The Who heeft uitgebracht.

In het interview vertelt hij over zijn auditie bij The Detours in 1962. “I thought I was going to an audition but it wasn’t happening so during a brief chat with Roger I told him I’d had a wasted journey. ‘It’s not wasted mate,’ he said. ‘Our drummer’s going on holiday so come and sit in with my band The Detours.’ I didn’t need asking twice. That Friday I turned up at Acton Town Hall and it’s there I met one who had funny hair – he turned out to be John – and a tall skinny one with a big nose, Pete. I went on for the second set and we gelled. From that night on I was the drummer“.

Bij een auditie voor Fontana Records kregen Doug en Pete ruzie. “He had a terrible go at me, snarling, ‘What’s wrong with you? If you can’t get it right then you’re out.’ I just got up from my stool and said, ‘That’s it, I quit.’ It was the biggest mistake of my life. It really came home to me when I watched them on TV giving that fantastic performance at the Olympic Games and knew it could have been me up there too“.

De andere leden van The Who zijn Doug nooit vergeten. Roger staat er op dat Doug hem elke zondagmorgen even belt. Pete schreef het voorwoord voor Doug’s boek “The Who Before The Who”:

“Had we continued together back in 1964 with Doug on drums we may never have become as successful as we are today. Keith Moon was a born publicist as well as a highly eccentric performer. But I have no doubt that personally I would have been happier as a young man. Partly because I think we would have continued to put music and friendship first in our band because that was Doug’s way.


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