Roger werkt weer aan Keith Moon-film

Roger is weer begonnen aan een script voor een film over het leven van Keith Moon. Dat meldt Female First. Hij heeft een van de allereerste scripts weer teruggehaald.

I’m back on it, and I’m back to the very first draft of the script , which I’ve always loved and which was written by John Lahr. I don’t know who is going to play Keith, but it has to become someone new. Twenty years ago I had Robert Downey Jr. lined up. I had the whole damn thing down, but the script was only 60 percent there, and all people wanted at the time was ‘Carry On Keith’.”, aldus Roger.

Ook zegt hij dat hij John Entwistle erg mist, en dan vooral zijn humour. “John crops up in my thoughts all the time. I wish I’d recorded some of our conversations, because John would say very little but every 15 minutes there’d be one priceless comedy line. It was such a rock ‘n’ roll death, though, wasn’t it? Two lines of coke and a bird in the Hard Rock! He was probably eating a hamburger as well, though where he was eating it from, who knows?


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