Roger: “Stones en Zeppelin op verlanglijstje voor TCT”

Roger heeft de Rolling Stones en Led Zeppelin op zijn verlanglijstje staan voor de concertreeks voor Teenage Cancer Trust. Dat meldt ContactMusic.

I’ve tried to get the Stones for years. They’ve never given me a no. I asked again this year but they’re in Australia. ‘Imagine The Rolling Stones in the Royal Albert Hall, where they can be the Stones they were in 1963, a great British blues band, rather than tarty, farty and running around the stage“, aldus Roger. ”After that, Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham. That’s still not out the window

Over het maken van “Going Back Home” met Wilko Johnson zegt hij: “Wilko and I did try and get some new songs together but it all fell apart and I had to go and do Who tours. ‘Then when I heard about Wilko’s situation, I sent a message; ‘Tell him I’ll sing anything, ‘Three Blind Mice’, if I have to.’ So we did some Feelgood songs. The first day in the studio I was a nervous wreck. When Pete gives me a song, I know what to do. With Wilko, I didn’t want to copy Dr. Feelgood. I had to work out what I had to do“.


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