Artikel over Long Beach race

NBC Sports heeft een uitgebreid artikel over de race in Long Beach vorig weekend. Daar was ook Roger bij aanwezig, omdat enkele coureurs meeraceten als ambassadeurs voor Teen Cancer America.

In het artikel vergelijkt Roger het racen met concerten. “It’s pretty much the same actually… really a bit of the human condition. It’s kids, getting on with each other. Festivals are a big thing. But I’ll tell you this band here is a lot louder here!“. Beiden worden georganiseerd met een ongelofelijke precisie: “The truth is, now the way the music business is, we do run like a military operation. It’s incredibly detailed and specific. If they’d have sent the ‘roadies’ into Iraq, the war would have been over in about a week! They would have been having parties instead of fighting each other!

Ook vertelde hij meer over Teen Cancer America en het verlagen van de werkdruk bij verpleegsters. “By isolating the group to have them (teenagers) as a separate group, you will be able to focus the medicine better. We’ve had some things in Britain … for instance we had a 19-year-old diagnosed with a specific leukemia. Because he was in one of our units, they thought they’d try a pediatric therapy on him, and they’re now getting a 25 percent improvement on curing that leukemia. There’s all those benefits associated with isolating. A big one is there’s less burnout for  the nurses. They burn out quite a lot. Training them can be very expensive. If we can cut the burnout rate by about 3 percent, that’s huge savings. Huge“.

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