“The Ox & The Loon” – tributeshow in House of Blues

Bas- en drumgrootheden brachten donderdagavond een muzikaal eerbetoon aan John en Keith. Dit gebeurde tijdens het tributeconcert “The Ox & The Loon” in de House of Blues in Hollywood. Basgitaristen zoals Chris Wyse (The Cult), Roberto Trujillo (Metallica), Billy Sheenan (Mr. Big) en drummers zoals Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) en Chad Smith (RHCP) brachten diverse nummers van The Who ten gehore. Zij werden hierbij aangevuld met o.a. voormalig KISS-gitarist Ace Frehley.  Mötörhead-bassist Lemmy kreeg tijdens de avond de John Entwistle Award uitgereikt.

wanted to do something different and unique by celebrating the ‘other half’ of rock bands! But not just the other half of any rock band, but the other half of a rock band that is the most legendary of all time! John Entwistle and Keith Moon, The Ox & The Loon, get the unified respect they deserve after taking over the rock world 50 years ago when in 1964, Moon joined up with Entwistle, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, solidifying the most extreme lineup in all of rock, and changing the course of rock history forever!! Hit after hit, anthem after anthem, epic after epic, THE WHO, with Entwistle and Moon as THE iconic rhythmic section, led and paved the way up until Keith Moon’s untimely passing on September 7th, 1978.
Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/motorheads-lemmy-receives-award-ace-frehley-performs-at-the-ox-the-loon-event-video/#bDcvl4yOupgd43pA.99

Blabbermouth heeft een verslag van dit concert.


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