Herinneringen aan Fillmore East (1969)

In The Huffington Post vertelt Binky Philips over het concert in de Fillmore East in mei 1969.

“The Who were now playing “Summertime Blues”. This being a full year before Live At Leeds was released, you could only hear this one live and I’d waited all night for them to do it. About halfway through the tune, something made me turn around again. A red-in-the-face Marine-looking middle-aged guy wearing a crew-cut, jeans, and a dirty white t-shirt was charging down the aisle on Entwistle’s side of the stage. Without hesitation, this Marine leapt on stage, grabbed Daltrey, and tried to wrestle the mic outta Roger’s hands. Roger Daltrey, a genuinely no-poser-tough-guy, hauled off and punched the guy square on the jaw, hard enough to snap the guy’s head back. As the guy staggered, Pete just flew across the stage, jumped like a jack knife, and somehow kicked the guy square in the crotch with BOTH feet! Down and definitely out this crew cut dude went. Two stagehands ran out of the wings and dragged his prone body offstage. What the fuck was going on?!  Weirded out, “Summertime Blues” limped to a close. The smoke was now obviously getting worse by the minute, the balcony was almost lost in haze. The Who were now fully aware that something was wrong, too

“It turned out that Mr. Marine was a plainclothes NYPD cop who was gonna try to literally yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. So, in truth and fact, Roger and Pete should’ve been given a medal for the dozens of un-trampled lives they saved“.


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