HMV-interview met Roger

De HMV heeft een nieuw interview met Roger. Hij vertelt o.a. over de totstandkoming van “Going Back Home” met Wilko Johnson en zijn werk voor Teenage Cancer Trust.

Over de nieuwe live-DVD/CD zegt hij:
Hottest day of the year, I look like a drowned rat! But I think they’ve captured it really well. Musically it’s a very complex project, so it’s a difficult show to capture, with the visuals and everything behind it. I’ve been watching a lot of bands on the TV lately and I must say, they all look the fucking same. The swooping cameras, the lights, the hair. It’s so dull. There’s so much going on the videos you forget the music. We just said ‘look, put the cameras on me & Pete and watch the performance.’ There’s not a swooping camera in it. I don’t know anyone who’s watched a rock & roll show running from left to right at 30 miles an hour.”


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