“My Generation” op nieuwe Alice Cooper-DVD

Op 21 oktober brengt Alice Cooper de DVD/CD “Raise The Dead – Live From Wacken” uit. Dat meldt Ultimate Classic Rock. Tijdens deze tour brengt hij een eerbetoon aan zijn vrienden van de Hollywood Vampires. “My Generation” is opgenomen in de set omdat Keith ook één van die Hollywood Vampires was.


Marquee manager John Gee overleden

In juli is John Gee overleden. Hij was in de jaren ’60 de manager van de Marquee Club in Londen. In The Guardian verscheen een necrologie over Gee. Afgelopen vrijdag reageerde “Irish” Jack Lyons met een ingezonden stuk over de manager. Hij kijkt terug op een concert dat The Who in 1964 in de club gaf.

“Gee strode on to the stage in a pressed suit, white shirt and tie, and announced, in the refined tones of a BBC announcer, to 30 snotty-nosed urchin mods from Shepherd’s Bush: “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the Who!” Mayhem ensued.

John Gee is 86 jaar geworden.

“Craziest drummers ever”

Artikel van een tijdje geleden: Esquire heeft een overzicht van de “craziest drummers ever”. Het bevat cartoontekeningen van o.a. Tommy Lee, Ginger Baker en John Bonham. Ook Keith wordt uiteraard genoemd.

“There’s no evidence that Keith Moon of The Who provided the inspiration for the Muppet drummer Animal’s notable incivility, but it makes enough sense that the rumor’s been going around for decades and doesn’t show any sign of going away. His drumming talents were immense, and his capabilities for wreaking havoc were even greater. He one-upped Pete Townshend’s guitar-smashing by periodically rigging his kit with explosives and detonating them at unexpected moments.

He was the first person in recorded history to throw a television out of a hotel-room window. He once accidentally drove over and killed his chauffeur, which is sad and terrible, and yet also about the most perfect embodiment of the collision of vast wealth and an unchecked id that Moon embodied, and which generations of rock stars have tried to achieve”.

Pete en Roger in artikel over telefoons en concerten

The Daily Telegraph heeft een artikel over het filmen tijdens concerten. Zangeres Kate Bush heeft namelijk haar fans gevraagd om geen foto’s en filmpjes te maken tijdens haar komende concertreeks. Ook citaten van Roger en Pete uit de persconferentie worden gebruikt in het artikel.

“Roger Daltrey of The Who recently expressed his frustration at fans who insist on digitally capturing a performance. “I feel sorry for them. Living a life through a screen, not being in the moment totally. I find it weird. They’re all mad,” he said.

But his bandmate, Pete Townshend, argued that allowing fans to take photos and video was a good marketing tool. “I’m for it, really,” he said. “All of these people you could say are doing a job by taking that footage and sharing it. We used to have to pay people to produce stuff for us.

Melvins-zanger: “Pete is een akoestische rock god”

In een interview met Ultimate Classic Rock laat zanger Buzz Osbourne van de Amerikaanse rockgroep The Melvins weten onder de indruk te zijn van Pete’s spel op de akoestische gitaar.

I believe it was the late ’70s, he did a live show where he played Who songs acoustic on a record called ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball,’“, aldus de zanger.  “I believe it was a charity event. But I heard that then, and you know, I realized really quickly that he was the reason why that stuff was good, because he could get up there and play those songs and sing ‘em with an acoustic guitar, and that was really cool“.

Buzzo laat weten beïnvloed te zijn door Pete: “I think that was always in the back of my mind, at least to some degree, how he did that, even if I didn’t want to do it exactly like him. I think that was a big influence, certainly, on what I was doing, but mostly in a philosophical way, more than anything else“.

Chris Charlesworth over “Amazing Journey”

Journalist/schrijver Chris Charlesworth kijkt op zijn weblog Just Back Dated terug op de documentaire “Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who” uit 2007. Op zijn blog zijn overigens meer Who-gerelateerde verhalen te vinden.

“Naturally I’d have preferred less chat and more music, especially as it went on for two hours which was about 30 minutes too long. The new interviews with Roger could have done with editing a bit, and Pete – as ever – was more articulate and candid but hardly revelatory, though both spoke frankly about John’s dodgy financial affairs and both paid handsome tribute to their fallen colleagues“.