Chris Charlesworth over Daily Mail-interview

Op zijn weblog Just Backdated geeft Chris Charlesworth zijn mening over het interview met Pete en Roger dat The Daily Mail eerder deze week plaatste.

“So what did this much trumpeted interview contain? It will come as no surprise to seasoned Who watchers that it contains nothing of note that we haven’t heard many times before. (…)
Pete once fancied Mick Jagger, neither Peter nor Roger much enjoyed playing at Woodstock, David Bowie liked Tommy which may have inspired him to invent Ziggy Stardust, Pete was mad when in 1964 the Queen Mother demanded the removal of his hearse from its parking place in Belgravia, Roger isn’t impressed by One Direction but likes the Royal Family, Pete used to drink too much and once passed out in a club after a shot of heroin, Roger has never been into drugs, both of them miss John and Keith a lot, Roger once clocked Keith because Moonie bashed him over the head with a tambourine and this led to the singer being briefly thrown out of the group. Now where have I read that before?

Ondertussen kauwen The Independent, Ultimate Classic Rock en The Guardian nog even door op Roger’s opmerkingen over de staat van de hedendaagse muziek en One Direction.

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