Top 10 conceptalbums

Ultimate Classic Rock heeft een top 10 gemaakt van conceptalbums. In deze top 10 staat The Who op nummer 10 (“Quadrophenia”), 7 (“Sell Out”) en 6 (“Tommy”).


Roger zingt op bruiloft in Glasgow

Gisteravond viel Roger binnen op de bruiloft van Carl en Susan Smith in Glasgow. Hij was al in Glasgow, omdat The Who daar vanavond optreedt. Hij zong een nummer mee met de band, Milestone.

The Daily Record heeft een artikel.

Ray Davies over Who “rip off”

In een nieuw interview met Rolling Stone praat Ray Davies ook over The Who. De eerste singles van The Who leken veel op Kinks-nummers.

Ray zegt hierover: “Well, they were influenced, to put it politely. When I heard “I Can’t Explain,” I thought, “Someone’s cocked our rear!” Pete has said that it was an influence. But that wasn’t as bad as when the Doors came out with “Hello, I Love You.”

“The Who: goodbye to the best”

The Telegraph heeft een artikel over de jubileumtour van The Who, die morgen in Glasgow van start gaat.

“And yet, as prototype rockers who set the template for so many others, it is surely up to them to dictate their own terms. Who says any rock band should go gently into that good night? Demand to see The Who clearly remains high, and their professionalism, pride and spirit will ensure they go out all guns blazing, raging, raging against the dying of the light. When another generation asks who were they? Tell them they were the best.”

“The Who is aural amphetamine”

TripleWMe heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who in Abu Dhabi gaf.

“It showed that The Who Hits 50! isn’t (only) a nostalgia trip; they have ways to make old sounds fresh. And although only half the original lineup remains, their vitality and passion is a fitting tribute to the great rock & roll songs The Who began creating half a century back”.

Het artikel is lovend over de manier waarop John en Keith geëerd werden, tijdens resp. “5:15” en “Bell Boy”: “As the first wave of great rock & roll bands move into their seventies and continue to tour, there’s always the thorny question of how to honour bandmates who didn’t make it. The Who did this about as tastefully and respectfully as anyone could: During “5:15”, a video (with sound) of the late John Entwistle performing an immaculate bass solo filled the screens, to huge applause from the crowd. Next up, Keith Moon’s hilarious “Bellboy” vocal and accompanying footage of the wildman drummer who never did get old. It was expertly pitched – touching without being mawkish, and emotional without losing the energy of the show

Foto’s van de show zijn hier te bekijken.

Interview met Pete in Abu Dhabi

What’s On heeft een interview met Pete in Abu Dhabi.  Er worden diverse onderwerpen aangesneden in het artikel, waaronder zijn relatie met Roger, de ‘windmill’ en het touren.

Over zijn gitaarspel zegt hij: “I still love it. I’m not a Jimmy Page, or a Jimi Hendrix, I’m not a great shredder like Slash. I’m not an eloquent player, but I like to get sounds out of the guitar that it doesn’t want to make. I like to take a position, look the audience in the eye and let my fingers do the walking – I know something magical will happen.”

Roger zei dat, als het aan hem lag, de band 300 concerten per jaar zou kunnen geven. Pete is het daar niet zo mee eens.  “No, he wouldn’t be able to do it. When we go on tour we have to take a day off between each show, sometimes two or three days, because we’re getting older. Roger and I don’t mind being called old. I’m incredibly fit, I eat OK, I ride a bike and go sailing. I survive. My energy comes from the music. I come home from a tour and I look better than when I set off. I usually lose 20 pounds. Next birthday I’ll be 70, and I don’t look back and think I could have done more concerts. I look at AC/DC still playing gigs today and wonder how they’re not dead”

Roger over One Direction, Justin Bieber en … Beyoncé-cover?

Roger heeft niks tegen One Direction. Eerder werd hij in The Mail On Sunday geciteerd: “Here we are with the world in the state it is in, and we’ve got One Direction … Where are the artists writing with any real sense of angst and purpose?

Maar nu blijkt dat deze uitspraak uit zijn verband gerukt is door de journalist. In een interview met Gulfnews gisteren zegt Roger: “A great pop band. I’ve been rather misquoted with One Direction, because a journalist laid a bear trap for me and asked me if their music would be significant in years to come, and I said I don’t know whether it will be. And, of course, when they cut the question out, it sounds like I’m attacking One Direction. Well, I’m not at all”.

Roger voegde tevens nog toe: “They’ve done incredibly well and you can’t knock the fact that they’ve become the biggest pop band in the world. We were a pop band once, and there’s nothing wrong with that“.

Hij maakt zich wel zorgen over Justin Bieber, zo vertelt hij in hetzelfde interview. “Shame. I mean, what a shame. The boy needs help. Justin, give me a call. Otherwise, you’re going to end up like Keith Moon, and it’ll be goodnight Vienna — and I’ve lost too many friends. You don’t need to go. You’ve got a lot to offer

Daarnaast nog een interessante uitspraak: “I’m making a solo album at the moment, and I’m toying with doing one of her own songs, the Beyonce songs, just changing the lyrics a bit“.

“The Who prove they aren’t going gently”

The National heeft een nieuw artikel over het concert gisteravond geplaatst.

“The highlights came mid-set with the first and last tracks from 1971’s classic Who’s Next: Baba O’Riley and Won’t Get Fooled Again, Townshend’s seismic guitar stabs and Daltrey’s angst still having the power to thrill.

This wasn’t a perfect performance. There were missed cues and shaky moments. One feels for Daltrey – his vocals are easy to scrutinise, while a fluffed note from Townshend easily goes unnoticed amid his relentless guitar-work

“Leaving the stage for the last time, Daltrey knocked over his mic stand – and then ran back and mock-jumped on it, wearing a mighty grin. This touchingly good-natured moment was a telling contrast to the ritual destruction of The Who’s youth.

Roger: “Squeeze Box’s just a piece of fun”

K-SHE-95 heeft een artikel over het concert in Abu Dhabi gisteravond.

Roger meldt: “This is what we like. We have been doing this for a long time and to play in a totally new place and to a new audience is absolutely wonderful. We do have a certain amount of regrets and we do feel like we should have visited a few places a long time ago. It is just that Pete was never keen on touring. But now that the sands of time are ticking down, he seems to be more keen than ever“.

De krant noemt “Squeeze Box” een van de hoogtepunten van het concert. Het nummer werd voor het laatst door The Who in 1982 gespeeld. Roger zegt over dit nummer: “We just did it as a piece of fun — and that’s probably why it’s gonna be in my show! It’s just so quirky, and it just gives you kind of a slight insight into Pete’s humor, y’know? At the time it was kind of tongue-in-cheek, a bit. We were very proud of our pop history. We’re a pop group. We’re a rock group now — but we started as a pop group, and there’s nothing wrong with pop. Pop’s got a very valuable place in music history. And a three-minute single, they’re all gems, usually, and they still stand up. A good song, is a good song, is a good song.