Interview met Pete in Abu Dhabi

What’s On heeft een interview met Pete in Abu Dhabi.  Er worden diverse onderwerpen aangesneden in het artikel, waaronder zijn relatie met Roger, de ‘windmill’ en het touren.

Over zijn gitaarspel zegt hij: “I still love it. I’m not a Jimmy Page, or a Jimi Hendrix, I’m not a great shredder like Slash. I’m not an eloquent player, but I like to get sounds out of the guitar that it doesn’t want to make. I like to take a position, look the audience in the eye and let my fingers do the walking – I know something magical will happen.”

Roger zei dat, als het aan hem lag, de band 300 concerten per jaar zou kunnen geven. Pete is het daar niet zo mee eens.  “No, he wouldn’t be able to do it. When we go on tour we have to take a day off between each show, sometimes two or three days, because we’re getting older. Roger and I don’t mind being called old. I’m incredibly fit, I eat OK, I ride a bike and go sailing. I survive. My energy comes from the music. I come home from a tour and I look better than when I set off. I usually lose 20 pounds. Next birthday I’ll be 70, and I don’t look back and think I could have done more concerts. I look at AC/DC still playing gigs today and wonder how they’re not dead”


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