Roger over One Direction, Justin Bieber en … Beyoncé-cover?

Roger heeft niks tegen One Direction. Eerder werd hij in The Mail On Sunday geciteerd: “Here we are with the world in the state it is in, and we’ve got One Direction … Where are the artists writing with any real sense of angst and purpose?

Maar nu blijkt dat deze uitspraak uit zijn verband gerukt is door de journalist. In een interview met Gulfnews gisteren zegt Roger: “A great pop band. I’ve been rather misquoted with One Direction, because a journalist laid a bear trap for me and asked me if their music would be significant in years to come, and I said I don’t know whether it will be. And, of course, when they cut the question out, it sounds like I’m attacking One Direction. Well, I’m not at all”.

Roger voegde tevens nog toe: “They’ve done incredibly well and you can’t knock the fact that they’ve become the biggest pop band in the world. We were a pop band once, and there’s nothing wrong with that“.

Hij maakt zich wel zorgen over Justin Bieber, zo vertelt hij in hetzelfde interview. “Shame. I mean, what a shame. The boy needs help. Justin, give me a call. Otherwise, you’re going to end up like Keith Moon, and it’ll be goodnight Vienna — and I’ve lost too many friends. You don’t need to go. You’ve got a lot to offer

Daarnaast nog een interessante uitspraak: “I’m making a solo album at the moment, and I’m toying with doing one of her own songs, the Beyonce songs, just changing the lyrics a bit“.


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