Recensie Nottingham

The Nottingham Post heeft nog een recensie van het concert in Nottingham.

“From even further back, we got The Kids Are Alright and a surging I Can See For Miles before a real turn-up: Pictures Of Lily. I can’t remember the last time they played that and it seemed to take the band by surprise, too. “I haven’t rehearsed this,” said Townshend, in one of a series of eccentric, outrageous asides.

 Another unexpected selection was Squeeze Box, the wheezy, breezy string of single entendres that seems completely out of place on rock’s loudest suicide note, 1975’s The Who By Numbers (“We could have played Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere there, but that one’s a load of rubbish as well,” said Pete, adopting operatically pretentious tones to add: “You see, a lot of these early songs are just throwaways…”).

Most surprising of all was the inclusion of their comic early “mini opera” A Quick One While He’s Away in its entirety. Praise the Lord.


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