Recensies concerten Newcastle en Liverpool

De Liverpool Sound and Vision heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who in Liverpool gaf. “The crowd in the Echo Arena were treated to a night of such great music that it was as if it was everyone’s birthday, wedding anniversary and New Year’s Eve celebration all rolled together and Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey had lovingly gate-crashed the proceedings. (…)  this was not a wake, the tearful fond farewell that some critics may have expected or preferred but the seriousness of a group who will be remembered for as long as there is a true beating heart filled with passion left on Earth“.

De Liverpool Echo heeft eveneens een recensie en meldt tevens dat Pete een gitaar over het podium smeet. “At one stage Townshend, who is famous for his guitar smashing antics, threw his guitar down on the stage. He also made several references to Liverpool saying it’s “the only city in the world with an airport with a proper name” and “it’s great to be back at the centre of the universe”.

The Northern Echo heeft een kort artikel over het concert dat The Who in Newcastle gaf.
““After 50 years in the music industry they have said this tour is the beginning of the long goodbye. But we, and I’m sure their North-East fans, who always give them a fantastic welcome, would love to see them back at the Metro Radio Arena again in the future“.

The Journal heeft een recensie van het concert in Newcastle.
“Pete Townshend arrived on stage and bellowed out “great to be in Sunderland – just wanted to wake you all up”, which was taken in good spirit. After `The Kids Are Alright` Pete continued his abusive banter assault on the audience. He has become a grumpy old man with the attitude of a stroppy teenager. But when he described his fans as ‘fat and flabby’ it was taken firmly as a term of endearment. The long set of over just under two-and-a-half hours would be better described at a career retrospective than a greatest hits package


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