Recensie Liverpool: “It’s not just the old farts going bonkers”

The Liverpool Confidential heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who in Liverpool

“Townshend is all self-deprecating wise cracks – “This was written when  we were young and our brains were still working” – with lots of trademark windmill thrashes. He even tried to trash his instrument in time-honoured fashion but didn’t do as quite a good a job as Mr Young. Daltrey, however, is able to still deftly lasoo his mike 20 feet in the air without an embarassing calamity. On the subject of lurve,  it seems they love us as well.

After blasting through the second number, Substitute, Townshend drawls in his crafty Cockney: “It’s great to land at an outpost with an airport with the only proper name and be back in the centre of the known universe.”  Daltrey also announces: “We always love coming here – it’s had some of the best audiences.”

Ahh, we love being stroked


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