Artikel over “BBC Sessions”

In februari 2000 werd de CD “BBC Sessions” uitgebracht – een verzameling van opnames die The Who in de jaren ’60 voor de BBC maakte. UDiscover kijkt terug op de release van deze CD, met toentertijd unieke opnames.


Solo catalogus Pete digitaal uitgebracht

Elf soloalbums van Pete zijn vandaag opnieuw uitgebracht. Digitaal. Dat meldt The Who op Facebook. Er komen ook nieuwe remasters later dit jaar.

´Who Came First, Rough Mix, Empty Glass, All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, White City, Iron Man: The Musical, Psychoderelict, Scoop, Another Scoop, Scoop 3 and Deep End Live!

23 February sees the digital release of 11 of Pete Townshend’s solo albums digitally as part of a new deal with UMC / Universal Music.

An extensive reissue programme for Townshend’s solo material that will see the catalogue remastered and reworked is planned to start later this year and will run into 2016.

The 11 digital album releases cover WHO CAME FIRST, his collaboration with The Faces’ Ronnie Lane ROUGH MIX, his musical version of Ted Hughes’s THE IRON MAN, his collections of demos SCOOP, ANOTHER SCOOP and SCOOP 3 as well as the albums EMPTY GLASS, ALL THE BEST COWBOYS HAVE CHINESE EYES, WHITE CITY, PSYCHODERELICT and the live album DEEP END LIVE! featuring David Gilmour.`

The Guardian over Lambert/Stamp documentaire

The Guardian heeft een artikel over de documentaire “Lambert & Stamp”. In het artikel wordt tevens een andere, nieuwe, documentaire over Kit Lambert aangekondigd.

“Lambert & Stamp is not the only project looking at the role of managers at the time when the rock’n’roll business was still forming. Mojo magazine editor Pat Gilbert, and Orian Williams, producer of the Joy Division biopic Control, are working on a feature film of Lambert’s life that is expected to start filming later this year. “Rock management was a new profession, and an interesting thing for forward-thinking people to get into,” Gilbert said

“How Keith Moon lost a tooth..”

The Gazette heeft een interview met Barry Whitman, de drummer van Herman’s Hermits. Hij was bij het beruchte verjaardagsfeestje van Keith Moon in 1967. In het interview beschrijft hij hoe het er op het feest aan toe ging.

“Of course we’d had a few drinks and Keith went to eat a fork full of cake, I stopped him and said that last year someone tried to poison us, so not to eat any. He put the fork down then decided to flick cream at Karl Green which hit him in the face. Everybody laughed apart from Karl who stuck his finger in a cake and flicked it in Keith’s face. That was it – everybody started, and within minutes that room looked like the inside of a cake.

It was up the walls on the ceiling all over the carpet, now during this Keith Moon went over to Karl Green and pulled down his trousers, Karl returned the compliment but also pulled down Keith’s underpants as well“.

Nieuw boek over het jaar 1965

Andrew Grand Jackson heeft een boek geschreven over de muzikale ontwikkelingen in het jaar 1965. Ook The Who wordt in het boek, “1965: The Most Revolutionary Year In Music”, genoemd.

“The main thing about 1965, though, is that, in Jackson’s words, “you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing a new classic,” a statement he follows with a list of 36 songs, including The Who’s “My Generation”..

The Washington Post heeft een recensie.

Vervolg interview met Roger door Forbes

Eerder plaatste dit weblog het eerste van drie delen van het interview dat Roger met Forbes hield. Deel 2 en deel 3 zijn nu ook online na te lezen. Roger praat o.a. over het Teenage Cancer Trust en het Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp.

“The camp helps raise money for Teen Cancer America. I enjoy it, feel incredibly comfortable there. Some people say, ‘What are you doing that for – it’s so low life?’ It’s not! These are real people, with real dreams. It might be their fantasy, but it doesn’t matter. They all have varying degrees of talent. They have a good time, have a laugh. That’s what it’s about, having fun“, aldus Roger.