“How Keith Moon lost a tooth..”

The Gazette heeft een interview met Barry Whitman, de drummer van Herman’s Hermits. Hij was bij het beruchte verjaardagsfeestje van Keith Moon in 1967. In het interview beschrijft hij hoe het er op het feest aan toe ging.

“Of course we’d had a few drinks and Keith went to eat a fork full of cake, I stopped him and said that last year someone tried to poison us, so not to eat any. He put the fork down then decided to flick cream at Karl Green which hit him in the face. Everybody laughed apart from Karl who stuck his finger in a cake and flicked it in Keith’s face. That was it – everybody started, and within minutes that room looked like the inside of a cake.

It was up the walls on the ceiling all over the carpet, now during this Keith Moon went over to Karl Green and pulled down his trousers, Karl returned the compliment but also pulled down Keith’s underpants as well“.


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