Solo catalogus Pete digitaal uitgebracht

Elf soloalbums van Pete zijn vandaag opnieuw uitgebracht. Digitaal. Dat meldt The Who op Facebook. Er komen ook nieuwe remasters later dit jaar.

´Who Came First, Rough Mix, Empty Glass, All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes, White City, Iron Man: The Musical, Psychoderelict, Scoop, Another Scoop, Scoop 3 and Deep End Live!

23 February sees the digital release of 11 of Pete Townshend’s solo albums digitally as part of a new deal with UMC / Universal Music.

An extensive reissue programme for Townshend’s solo material that will see the catalogue remastered and reworked is planned to start later this year and will run into 2016.

The 11 digital album releases cover WHO CAME FIRST, his collaboration with The Faces’ Ronnie Lane ROUGH MIX, his musical version of Ted Hughes’s THE IRON MAN, his collections of demos SCOOP, ANOTHER SCOOP and SCOOP 3 as well as the albums EMPTY GLASS, ALL THE BEST COWBOYS HAVE CHINESE EYES, WHITE CITY, PSYCHODERELICT and the live album DEEP END LIVE! featuring David Gilmour.`


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