Roger: “I want us to stop at the top of our game”

Rolling Stone heeft een nieuw interview met Roger geplaatst. “I do know this is the last big tour we’ll ever do. We have to be realistic. I want us to stop at the top of our game when we are still really good at what we do. The quality of the music is really what this is all about“, laat Roger weten.

Over zijn stem zegt hij: “Oh, my voice is fine. I’m quite lucky that I met the genius Dr. Steven Zeitels up in Boston. My vocal cords are better now than they’ve ever been! I’m actually enjoying playing”

Over het toevoegen van “A Quick One While He’s Away” aan de setlist:
“We wanted to do it for ages. It’s important to show that The Who’s music came out of nowhere, unlike so many of the great bands like the Rolling Stones or Eric Clapton or whoever. (…) It just makes you smile. When it gets to the “You are forgiven” thing, we’ve got a band now that can reproduce all of the backing vocals, which always played an enormous part in our early sound. They got neglected for years and years when John  lost his high voice and we lost Keith. The backing vocals got scratched, but now we’ve brought them back in the full quality we used to do them back in the day. It brings an enormous dimension to the sound

Andere eventuele toevoegingen aan de setlist: “I would love to do “How Many Friends,” but I don’t want to copy the record. I would like to do that song as who I am now. It’s done in a half-falsetto voice, very high. The lyrics are really interesting and I’d love to sing it as a 71-year-old singer and do it differently. That could be really interesting. Maybe we wouldn’t try to make it a big anthemic thing, but maybe just an acoustic thing with Pete and I


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