“Fantastic, as we’ve come to expect”

The Daily Telegraph heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who gisteravond gaf.

“The Who were fantastic, as we have come to expect. With those dynamic characters, such incredible songs and that powerful sound, they are a rock band who can only be judged by the very high standards they have set themselves. I saw them on Sunday at the O2 Arena, the first date of this touring leg, and they were a bit rusty, making lots of mistakes, although it contributed to a sense of genuine live perfornance that has always been part of The Who’s appeal. They have never been afraid to show their human side amidst the roaring machinery of sound and light.

At the Royal Albert Hall they were slicker, tighter and more relaxed, although that isn’t necessarily what fans want. Where once they might have punched each other out when things went awry, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend bickered amiably like a couple of codgers taking pleasure in a good moan. It’s a kind of muscle memory of aggression, a device to stir the juices. A playful argument about Townshend talking too much kick-started a fiery version of My Generation. “That got him going,” laughed Daltrey, in delight“.


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