“Zak Starkey ignites The Who”

The Austin Chronicle heeft een recensie van het concert in het Frank Erwin Centre, afgelopen maandag. De recensent is vooral onder de indruk van drummer Zak Starkey.

“Zak Richard Starkey – son of Richard Starkey, Jr. – has now powered the Who even longer than Keith Moon, his godfather. (That’s 1996-2015 and 1964-1978, respectively.) The group’s Tazmanian drum demon counted Ringo Starr among his closest friends. Monday night at the Frank Erwin Center, Moony was alive and quakin’ in the maelstrom of Starkey.

Starkey, who turns 50 in September, doesn’t begin to ape Moon’s one-continuous-fill
tempest. His style lays back deceptively before becoming an avalanche of sticks and stone cold beats beats raining down like a meteor shower. During the ancient tribal rumblings of “Magic Bus,” he adopted his dad’s ambidextrous style, arms at his sides pounding like a runner pistoning through a race. Following Townshend through the Tommy mini-set, Starkey re-lit the material’s primal rage


“Hope I Die Before I Do MTV Unplugged”

Verwacht The Who niet bij MTV Unplugged. Pete zegt in een interview met 3News: “Oh, f**king God forbid! Roger often sidles up to me and says, ‘I think Tommy would be so great done acoustic.’ I reply, ‘So what you’re saying, Rog, is that you want me to sit for an hour and a half and accompany you on my acoustic guitar? For an hour and a half, while you noodle around on vocals? There’s a quick ‘F**k off!’ to that idea.’

Maar, net zoals het Bridge School Benefit in 1999, Pete sluit akoestische optredens niet helemaal uit. “An unplugged show? I’ll save it for the charity gigs or the occasional solo shows

“The Who play one for the ages”

Austin360 heeft een recensie en een fotogalerij van het concert dat de band maandag in het Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX gaf.

“So why not show everyone your best? They did that, absolutely, from the opening “I Can’t Explain,” their first charting single from 1965, to the classic closer “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” the climax of 1971’s iconic “Who’s Next” album. In between, they offered a consistently rewarding journey through creative peaks that would be the envy of almost every other rock ’n’ roll band that ever existed.

If Daltrey can’t quite reach some of the high notes he could in the band’s prime, his voice still carries a lot of power. Townshend remains a remarkably nimble and theatrical guitarist, and his distinctive secondary vocal contributions are still a vital supplement to the band’s identity

“The Who bring 50 years of hits”

The Houston Chronicle heeft een recensie van het concert, gisteravond in het Toyota Center in Houston.

“Daltrey and Townshend are still masters of the microphone swing and the windmill guitar stabbing game, and Daltrey’s voice has aged into a fine, husky rumble. He doesn’t reach the highs he used to (one of his peers, Robert Plant, doesn’t either) so the arrangements are changed a bit to accommodate. “Love Reign O’er Me” was a highlight, letting Daltrey exercise that growl of his that turned the band into arena stars in the ’70s.

In the show’s final minutes as the band took its final bows, Daltrey did say this could be his last time doing a major tour, citing his 71-year-old body as not always cooperating. The iconic howl he let out at the end of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” — the show closer — seemed to have taken out the last of his night’s energy. He even seemed surprised at what came out of him, and we all did too, as if 44 years hadn’t passed since the band unleashed “Who’s Next” onto the world. That was the scream we’ve all heard coming from car stereos, tape decks, and turntables all these many years. It sounded like we’d all gone back to the first time we heard it. It felt like home

Set List
I Can’t Explain
The Seeker
Who Are You
Squeeze Box
I Can See For Miles
Pictures of Lily
My Generation
Magic Bus
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
I’m One
Love Reign O’er Me
Eminence Front
A Quick One (While He’s Away)
Amazing Journey
Pinball Wizard
See Me, Feel Me
Baba O’Riley
Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Mededeling van Pete n.a.v. “Uncut”-interview

Op de officiële website heeft Pete een bericht geplaatst, n.a.v. het interview in het deze week verschenen Uncut. Daarin zei hij: “There’s a desire I have to do a show which is crap. Go out in front of a bunch of devoted Who fans and say, ‘Listen, you bunch of f***ing c***s. F*** off. Don’t come back…

Dit bedoelde hij niet zo, zegt Pete nu. “I really don’t want Who fans to think that the ‘truth’ for me is that I hate them. I have sometimes hated the fact that Who were so successful, and nothing I can ever do can top that, but that isn’t the same.

(….) So, to all Who fans who are coming out to see us, front rows or back rows, you are all welcome, and I am happy you are there. I’ve come too far now with my old buddy Roger to pick holes in what happens when I do interviews – but if I’ve upset anyone I apologise” .

Artikel over Alfie Boe in “Quadrophenia”

This Is Lancashire heeft een artikel over de klassieke versie van “Quadrophenia”, die in juni uitgebracht wordt.

Alfie zegt over de audities: “Yes it was quite nervewracking. Apparently Pete had been following my career and seen what I had done in Les Miserables and my record company had also put my name forward to Pete. As a result I was asked to go along and sing to him“.

Over het nieuwe album zegt hij: “It’s something that I have really wanted to be part of for a long time. I am genuinely amazed by Pete Townshend’s writing. I’ve known a lot of classical composers who don’t give the singer anything to work with. He is a great man. We had a lot of fun working together“.

“The Who brought 50 years of rock power”

NOLA heeft een recensie van het concert op het New Orleans Jazz Festival.

The Who delivered 50 years’ worth of power, all the hits, and a sprinkling of comedy to boot. The normal anniversary-tour show must be longer than the two hours Jazz Fest allotted. We learned that the band had trimmed down its set to fit after a false start to “Kids are Alright,” which Daltrey informed Townshend was actually one of the culled. Unfazed by the hiccup, he broke the fest’s clean-language policy for what would be the first of many times, announcing, “It’s all right, (expletive) happens. Who gives a (expletive?) Pete, maybe.