“The Who launch Farewell Tour with smashing show in Tampa”

Tampabay heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who gisteravond gaf.

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend wailed and windmilled through a lifetime of rock ‘n’ roll in two frenzied hours before a crowd of 11,894 at Tampa’s Amalie Arena. Their days of smashing guitars and exploding drums may be long gone, but the show they’ll ride into retirement is still a wildly kicking good time“.

Het artikel meldt ook de reactie van het publiek tijdens het spelen van “A Quick One, While He’s Away”.

“Anytime a band as big as The Who stages a hits tour, it’s tough to fit in too many surprises. But they squeezed in a couple. Making a surprise appearance was 1976’s Slip Kid, a song that Daltrey “slipped in” with little rehearsal, said Townshend, and which, near as I can tell, hadn’t been played in America since 1979. (“Doing that song after so long – it sort of feels good,” Daltrey said.) The proggy epic A Quick One (While He’s Away) was stylistically all over the map, but scanning the arena floor, you could see fans who were losing their minds to be hearing it live


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