Roger over het leven “on the road”

The Mirror heeft een interview met Roger, waarin hij praat over het leven “on the road” en zijn gebruik van slaappillen.

I’ve had a few problems with prescription drugs. The road makes sleeping very hard. So sometimes sleeping pills take over. When I want to get off them I do, but the trouble with singing is if you don’t sleep, you don’t sing. And when you get to middle age, sleep gets harder and harder. All the time I get to points where I have to stop taking the pills. That’s just how it is“, aldus Roger.

In het interview vertelt hij ook over een auto-ongeluk in 2000. “I have had quite a few car crashes. The worst one was in Sydney, Australia, in 2000 – I was on my way to a gig and I was warming up my voice and someone just rear-ended the car at 40 mph. I saved my neck but it ripped all my biceps and my rotator cuffs in my shoulders. It has given me a problem in my ribs as well. I go to a bone doctor who literally hammers it back with a mallet and chisel. At the time I didn’t realise how bad it was and I did the show four hours later. But the next day I couldn’t move. I recovered, but then it took three years for the biceps to snap. I was in agony. It took me 10 years to get over it

Over zijn gehoor: “I’ve got hearing aids, amongst other problems. I’m getting old, and this is what happens when you are in a rock band. I got the hearing aids about five years ago. It happens to us all, but it’s no fun. We are all going to die of something. It’s a natural part of life – I don’t worry about it

Over het feit dat hij opa is: “I’m a grandad. I love being a gran­­dad – oh the joy of grandchildren. And all my kids are great. They all live normal lives They have never been nowhere near showbiz and I love that. Because it is a phony load of bullshit, celebrity. It puzzles and worries me extremely, the psychological state of the nation. I never wanted fame and that is a real thing to deal with. You don’t change, but everyone changes the way they deal with you


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