“The Who returns to Dallas one last (?) amazing time”

Guidelive heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who op 2 mei in Dallas gaf.

“There were also the countless highlights: A heartbreaking “I’m One,” during which Townshend’s underrated voice, now somehow more confident and resonant than ever, enveloped the arena. The cathartic, shoulda-been climactic “Sparks,” the closest the band came to recapturing the breathtakingly barely controlled chaos that makes Live at Leeds still The Best Live Album Ever. “Love, Reign o’er Me,” Townshend’s finest moment as songwriter and Daltrey’s as his vessel. And the epic mini-rock opera “A Quick One, While He’s Away,” simply because they did it.

I left the show as I’ve left every other Who “farewell” — hoping it ain’t so, but thankful they’re threatening to leave while there’s still meat on the bone. The original foursome were rock’s greatest group; the remaining two, more than just its mere shadow. But it felt like an end, if not the end. After wrapping with “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” sans encore, Daltrey had a few final words for the crowd: “May you always be happy, healthy and be lucky. Good night and good bye.


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