“The Who at Glastonbury is going to be a triumph”

NME verheugt zich alvast op het concert dat The Who op 28 juni op het Glastonbury Festival gaat geven.

“Roger Daltrey’s Londoners are back for a reason. Putting one of the country’s most celebrated ever bands on the biggest stage in the world is a no brainer, especially given the risks the Eavis clan have taken elsewhere at this year’s festival. Here’s why June 28 is going to be a night for Pilton to remember”

“Ahead of this tour, The Who announced that the extensive jaunt would likely be their last. In the words of Roger Daltrey, “This is the beginning of the last goodbye”. That means that this will, minor miracle withstanding, be the final time that the British institutions will play the greatest festival in the country. Let’s give them the send off they deserve”


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