“The best 50th anniversary tour of all time”

The Atlantic City Weekly heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who in Philadelphia gaf, afgelopen zondag.

“While the 71-year-old Daltrey may have stolen the spotlight in previous tours, Townshend, 69, seemed to take center stage this time around, not only engaging the audience with stories but displaying more energy, whether hopping while playing, offering his trademark windmill or just simply interacting with his band mates. (…) But that didn’t stop Daltrey – he kept his shirt on for this tour – from impressing the crowd, sounding quite good vocally. Although not able to hit the notes he once did, he managed to nail most of them.

Although there’s not a lot of competition for the title, The Who’s 50th anniversary tour is likely the best 50th anniversary tour of all time. The scary thing is that they seem like they can make it to 60.


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