11 vragen voor Pete

Barnes and Noble stelt 11 vragen aan Pete. Hij heeft uitgebreid antwoord op vragen die grotendeels te maken hebben met de klassieke versie van “Quadrophenia”. Onder andere waarom Roger niet mee doet. “I reserve the right to develop my compositions outside The Who family if I wish. I also want Roger to feel he can do the same with my music, as though it belonged to him, because the part he played in its journey and evolution was so vital. I wished him well when he recently toured Tommy as a solo show“.

Wat de toekomst brengt: “I am working on a magnum opus that will begin with the publication of a short novel in 2016. My main project as a regular guy is to slow down again, after a very busy and intense few years. I have done this a few times in the past, but I need it now more than ever: time to enjoy what I have, to be happy and relaxed.


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