“The Who Doles Out Hits and Disses at Brooklyn Tour Stop”

The Hollywood Reporter
heeft een uitgebreid concertverslag van het concert dat The Who in Brooklyn gaf.

“Townshend hasn’t lost a step in his playing, delivering his trademark power chords and eliciting an ever-varied palette of sounds from his electric and acoustic guitars. By this point, Palladino and Starkey have long proved that they more than live up to their esteemed predecessors, John Entwistle and Keith Moon, with Starkey anchoring the music with his anarchic yet tightly controlled drumming.

Daltrey was also in fine form, although he at times seemed to be struggling to hit his high notes. His voice has inevitably darkened, something he seemed to acknowledge by concluding “Love, Reign O’er Me” with a dark, rumbling bass. But he delivered his thundering scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with full force, even if it elicited concern that he might shred his vocal cords.

He seemed to acknowledge this at the show’s end, declaring that the massive tour was “uncharted territory” for the band at this point in its career and admitting, “As a singer, it’s getting tougher every day.” But if this is indeed the Who’s last major jaunt, it shows them going out in fine style


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