Alfie en Phil bij BBC Breakfast

Alfie Boe en Phil Daniels waren vanmorgen te gast bij “BBC Breakfast”. Zij praatten over de nieuwe, klassieke versie van “Quadrophenia”.


“The Who close Glastonbury in style”

NME heeft een recensie van Glastonbury.

“This could’ve been better, but it’s been as good as it could be,” says an apologetic Townshend before the closing ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, clearly annoyed by the technical problems that have apparently stemmed from the band’s lack of a soundcheck. It’s meant as a throwaway comment, but he’s unwittingly hit the nail on the head: The Who haven’t brought anything to the table that they didn’t already in 2007, but they’ve brought enough to send everyone home happy. And that, after all, is the job they were enlisted to do

“The Who say goodbye to Glastonbury”

Metro heeft een recensie van het concert.

“Here, the worst things that happen are Townshend’s barbed ‘We play in the same f**king band!’ at a missed cue in The Best I Ever Had and a spat with the perspex cage surrounding Zak Starkey’s drumkit, promptly Daltrey to laughingly declare that ‘nothing’s changed in 50 years!’”

‘The band, as you saw tonight, could have broken up at any second.’ Daltrey remarks in a final speech that seems to reference the end of the road for The Who. ‘We couldn’t have done it alone. We could have not done it without you. I thank you from really deep down inside, thank you so much. So you may be all be very happy, all very healthy, and most of all very lucky!’

“That’s the way to end a festival”

The Telegraph geeft vijf van de vijf beschikbare sterren als waardering aan het optreden op Glastonbury.

“The Who may be on a farewell tour but Townshend told me before the show he was conscious that most of the Glastonbury audience would be seeing the vintage band for the first time. But if there was any doubt about who we were watching, they opened with identity crisis anthem Who Are You and soon had the hillside yelling “ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh”.
Daltrey was in as good voice as I’ve heard him in recent years. He roared Love Reign O’er Me like a hard man in spiritual torment.

Townshend, meanwhile, still strikes a power chord like a man possessed. He seemed slightly grumpy due to on-stage sound problems but bad moods tend to bring an edge to his playing. He may no longer smash guitars but at least Glastonbury was treated to the sight of him kicking a monitor that was messing up his sound.

Tens of thousands of people screaming “they’re all wasted!” at the top of their voices: that’s the way to end a festival. I hope it’s not really the end of The Who themselves.

Pete’s sneer naar Kanye West

Tijdens zijn optreden op Glastonbury riep rapper Kanye West uit dat hij de “greatest living rockstar on the planet” was. Pete dacht daar het zijne van.

US Magazine heeft een artikel hierover.
“But as many Glastonbury fans took to social media to question West’s claims, world-famous rockers Daltrey and Townshend decided their headline appearance on Sunday night was as good a place as any to set the record straight.”We’re going to send you home now with a rebellious, ‘Oh yeah, who’s the biggest rock star in the world?,’” the ’60s rockers announced to their fans, before Townshend performed a mindblowing guitar solo“.

Ook The Lad Bible doet een duit in het zakje.
“Admittedly, in the last 35 years [The Who]’ve only released three albums and only one of them went platinum. And even that was only in the US. That basically means there is an entire generation of people who think Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are nothing more than a couple of aging rockers who made the theme tune to CSI and misspelled ‘Wasteman’ when they wrote Teenage Wasteland.

They may be getting older, but their famously rebellious edge is still alive. Because when they heard Kanye had called himself the ‘greatest living rock star on the planet’, Townshend had something to say about that…  He then launched into one of his world-famous guitar solos in what is probably the finest example of proving someone with an ego the size of the milky way, wrong.

They don’t make them like The Who any more“.

Geluidsproblemen tijdens Glastonbury-set

Tijdens het optreden had The Who wat problemen met het geluid. Tijdens “Won’t Get Fooled Again” gooide Roger de schermen rondom het drumstel om. Aan het einde van het optreden zei Pete dan ook: “This could have been better, but it’s as good as it could be. It would have been great to have had a soundcheck and get ourselves sorted out before we came out here and hit you with all this shit, but never mind

Contactmusic heeft er een artikel over. Ook Sky News meldt de geluidsproblemen in een artikel. “Townshend repeatedly complained about the sound, shouting to backstage “it’s fucking crap”,  before Daltrey pulled over a plastic screen and knocked over microphones so they could hear the drums better.

The Who op Glastonbury: “Delivering the Sunday goods”

Zondagavond sloot The Who het Glastonbury Festival af. The Independent was als een van de eersten met een recensie.

As the sun began its last descent over Worthy Farm, Daltrey and Townsend launched into a set of tracks made to get people singing along. With many here having missed out on more than a few hours sleep, “Pinball Wizard” and “Who’s Next” gave weary revellers one last excuse to let loose. “My Generation” was never going to be anything but a weekend highlight and on tonight’s performance, The Who earned themselves a place in the pantheon of big-hitting Glastonbury greats”

Interview met Pete

In aanloop naar het optreden op Glastonbury vanavond heeft The Telegraph een interview met Pete. Hij praat o.a. over “Classic Quadrophenia”.

“As a composer, I feel so happy about being able to do this while I’m still in my shoes. I had this vision of myself on my death bed thinking, ‘Why the f— didn’t I get this stuff written down?’ Because one day people will get this…” He holds up the Quadrophenia vinyl album “and they won’t have a machine to play it.” He laughs loudly.

“The symphony orchestra has lasted a long time. I set out to create a folio because I knew that if Rachel did a great orchestration and I dropped dead, within two weeks it would be my memorial service.”

“Pictures of Lily” (Hyde Park 2015)

Beelden van “Pictures of Lily” in Hyde Park, een verzoekje van Paul Weller. The Who treedt vanavond op tijdens het Glastonbury Festival. BBC2 zendt vanaf 23:40 uur Nederlandse tijd beelden uit.

In een artikel van de Telegraph over het optreden van Kanye West tijdens Glastonbury wordt The Who genoemd.

“Judged on the very unscientific principle of T-shirt sales, The Who were this year’s most popular headliners, a classic rock band in their seventies. Their defining anthem glories in nihilistic notions of dying before they get old but here they still are, 50 years since they formed, kicking up a heavy storm as they blaze their way towards late retirement“.