Interview met Pete in The Independent

The Independent heeft een uitgebreid interview met Pete geplaatst. Pete praat o.a. over het optreden op Glastonbury, het ontmoeten van Kanye West, touren en de nieuwe, klassieke, versie van “Quadrophenia”. Ook brengt hij, voor het eerst sinds lange tijd, zijn arrestatie in 2003 ter sprake.

“I think – it’s hard for me to say this – but I think it probably, in the long term, was a good thing for me. I mean, the only thing that must be frustrating for those people who distribute gongs up in London, they probably want to give me a knighthood, but they can’t. And  I don’t give a fuck

Over Glastonbury: “I think Roger was a little worried that we already had three shows in Europe lined up, and they were close together. Roger’s been needing quite long periods of days off in between shows. And there was doubt because it’s so high- profile – and, of course, it’s televised. So if you do goof, you goof big-time. We’re playing great, so once he gave us the green light, we were good to go


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