Pete: “I think 70 is more like 30”

USA Today heeft een interview met Pete, o.a. over “Classic Quadrophenia”.

Hij praat ook over zijn opname is Nashville, hier nam hij o.a. een nieuwe versie van “I’m One” op, die later geveild werd: “Because Roger had a bad voice, I had six days in a little Nashville studio, and hired a couple of musicians, and the songs just poured out. If I were to go back for another six days, I’d have an album“.

Over ouder worden: “I hated going from 20 to 30, but when I turned 40, 50 and 60, I didn’t care. I think 70 is more like 30. It seems like a doorway that’s going to take you to another area of difficulty and challenges. My father died when he was 69, and he seemed quite content to die. I was with him on his deathbed. He got very angry only on the very last day that he was in hospital — and that’s because at his request they turned off his morphine drip. Then he got very irritated. But prior to that he seemed quite content … I don’t think I would be happy to be passing right now”


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