Pete weigerde produceren album Morrissey

In een interview met Q350 zegt Pete dat hij een aanbod van Morrissey om een album van hem te produceren, afgeslagen heeft.

Morrissey asked me to produce albums for him after The Smiths, twice. I’ve got his notes, his cards. ‘Will you produce an album for me? Morrissey.’, I did say to Bill Curbishley, I really love The Smiths – if I could replace Johnny Marr in the picture there, we might get a really great album”, aldus Pete in het interview.


“Sabotage tijdens Glastonbury”

NME pikt een blogpost van Brian Kehew op de officiele site op. Hij schrijft dat hij vermoedens heeft dat iemand de apparatuur op Glastonbury gesaboteerd heeft. De band had tijdens het optreden last van technische problemen.

As we began to prepare our coming changeover, we found someone had sabotaged the carefully-tested audio connections for much of our gear,” the blog reads. “We’ve never seen that before, but we’re good at plugging things in, so all damage was repaired in time. Was it Mr. Weller or Lionel, no way. Dalai Lama – hmmm…. he did steal the show already“, zo schrijft Kehew.

“Pete mentioned to everyone that they’d hoped to be “better” musically, and mentioned the lack of a sound check, but it likely wouldn’t have mattered much. It just sounded weird up there, and there were odd echoes making the timings sound off much of the time – leading the musicians all over the place.

Interview met Pete

TV3 sprak met Pete, gisteravond na afloop van het “Classic Quadrophenia” concert in Londen.

I wanted to get a Who piece saved for posterity. I didn’t want to die without my most important works being committed to sheet music for future generations. Of course there is some vanity involved in this but so many Who songs are such great songs that I felt need keeping and preserving as scores“, zo zei Pete.

Wat hij de komende tijd gaat doen: “It’s been a really hectic time for me. I am going to have a little rest because I want time to enjoy what I have now and to be happy and relaxed, but don’t worry, I have got so many different projects lined up, including commissioning more operas. I am writing new songs all the time and also want to publish a novel

“Not as far-fetched as it seems”

The Independent geeft 4 van de 5 sterren aan de uitvoering van “Quadrophenia”.
“Orchestrated by the composer’s partner Rachel Fuller, who fleshed out several of the enduring themes originally played on synthesizers and brass instruments, Classic Quadrophenia is not as far-fetched a development as it might seem.

The water metaphors reminiscent of Vaughan Williams turned Townshend’s magnum opus into a celebration of Britishness worthy of Danny Boyle’s Isles of Wonder at the 2012 Olympics. Quadrophenia’s place in the classical canon is assured

The Guardian geeft 3 van de 5 sterren.
“Townshend has always been a master craftsman, so his songs are able to carry the weight of instrumentation, and Fuller’s arrangements are sensitive and loyal to the original music throughout. They prove that it is possible to turn Quadrophenia into a classical work: whether it is necessary, or even desirable, is another matter entirely

“Classic Quadrophenia” in Royal Albert Hall

Gisteravond werd “Classic Quadrophenia” opgevoerd in de Londense Royal Albert Hall. Alfie Boe, Billy Idol, Phil Daniels en Pete namen deel aan het concert, samen met het Royal Philharmonic Orchestra en het London Oriana Choir.

The Telegraph heeft een recensie.
“Along with Townshend’s cameo, there was a colloquial directness contrasting with Alfie Boes’ gorgeous yet airily operatic voice. It was obvious that they belonged to different disciplines but Boe really came into his own on the full blown emotional splendour of Love Reign O’er Me. The Who’s Roger Daltrey screamed the original in spiritual torment. Boe turned it into a spine tingling hymn.

The audience was rapturously impressed, with standing ovations all round. But if this vivid reimagining did demonstrate the inherent power of Townshend’s original vision, it also left me hankering for the power and personality of his band. It was odd to see so many musicians failing to quite match the kind of force routinely stirred up by a quartet. The future of rock opera surely needs to find a way to include rock in the equation“.

“The Who vlamt sporadisch”

Podiuminfo heeft een recensie van het concert in Amsterdam.

“Het publiek is dan ook sporadisch enthousiast. Gejuich is er bij de grote hits en de krachtpatserij van Townshend, maar het publiek is moeilijk te enthousiasmeren vanavond. The Who vlamt zelf dan sporadisch, al is het fijn om nog een laatste keer klassiekers als Pinball Wizard, Baba O’Riley en Won’t Get Fooled Again voorgeschoteld te krijgen.
Uiteindelijk is het leuk voor de fans om hun helden misschien wel voor de laatste keer te zien, maar bij vlagen was het pijnlijk