Pete: “I still don’t find performing to be enjoyable”

The Vinyl District heeft een nieuw interview met Pete. Er wordt o.a. gepraat over de klassieke versie van “Quadrophenia”.

Over zijn eigen albumcollectie: “I got up to about 15,000 vinyl albums in 1984, I now have around 4,000 I have daily access to. They are a mix of jazz and classical with the rest of the categories thrown in. I do listen to vinyl. It is really the only way I can listen for long periods, to a whole opera or jazz concert, or to long experimental pieces. The break after 17-25 minutes is a perfect time to rest

Over het nieuwe nummer “Guantanamo”: “Guantanamo” is just another “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” It was actually written for a new opera but didn’t fit in the end. I love the sound of it—recorded on the old analogue Yamaha and Lowrey organs I am so fond of (like Garth Hudson of The Band)

Wat er nog in de kluizen ligt: “In the past I have possibly exaggerated how much unreleased music I have. What I do have is a huge amount of work-in-progress. I did plan a SCOOP for this year, but The Who tour has made that impossible, but I am halfway through investigating what is in the archive and there should be a good album there.

Over de laatste tour: “I’m surprised I still don’t find performing to be enjoyable. But I have stopped fighting that feeling. But I did think at some point I would start to enjoy it. I don’t think I ever will. There are moments on stage I smile and laugh, but I’m afraid I am often laughing because it all feels so ridiculous. I don’t mean we are absurd because we are old (although of course we probably are). I mean we have always been absurd. I laugh because I can’t believe how seriously I take it all—and I do. It seems to be important to do good work on stage


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