“Who’s still rockin’?”

In een blog op Times Union wordt stilgestaan bij het overlijden van o.a. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner en Lemmy van Motörhead. De auteur schrijft verder over zijn liefde voor The Who. “No band ever embodied the energy and angst of youth better than my favorite septuagenerian rockers,  “The Who”!  The same angry mods who sputtered out the immortal line, “Hope I die before I get old!”, are indeed, as David Bowie would have sang, in their “Golden Years”. I don’t believe I can overstate the following fact.  The Who, was my band in high school


Daltrey over overleden rocksterren

Na het overlijden van Glenn Frey, Lemmy Kilmister, Alan Rickman en David Bowie binnen korte tijd lijkt er een nieuwe club te zijn ontstaan. Na de beruchte “Club van 27” lijkt er nu een “Club van rond de 69” te komen. Dat meldt The Australian.

Een van de doodsoorzaken bij rocksterren is het gebruik van drugs. Roger zegt hierover: “They didn’t work for me. They gave me a dry throat and I couldn’t sing. It was a straightforward decision. I was either going to be a good singer, and care about what we’re doing on a stage, or I could chuck it in right there. There were some great bands out there, fantastic bands, and they never made it. I didn’t want to be part of one of those bands. So I left the other three to it.

Roger zag ook de problemen die het drugsgebruik met zich mee bracht: “I’ve watched so many friends turn into absolute a******** on drugs.  When you’re in their company, it starts off and you’re all mates and then someone disappears to the toilet and they come back and then someone else disappears, and before you know it, you’re not sitting with your friends any more. It’s like you’re at a different party“.

Roger voegt toe: “So many times in my life I’ve had to be tough and the ones I was tough with are still here. The ones where I wasn’t tough enough didn’t make it. And that’s something I think about often. It’s something I think about when we perform today. The two of us that are left“.

Het verhaal achter de hoesfoto van “Quadrophenia”

Scootergeek heeft een artikel over de hoesfoto van het album “Quadrophenia”. In het artikel wordt stilgestaan bij de totstandkoming van deze foto.

“The shoot was going well but I still hadn’t figured out how we were going to show the band when the idea of the wing mirrors suddenly dawned on me. I asked Pete, John, and Roger to crouch down and stare into the glass while I shot each image. Keith had disappeared, so I had to go down to Tara and photograph him separately in his greenhouse to get the same effect“, aldus fotograaf Graham Hughes.

Pete: “David Bowie was my Salvador Dalì”


Pete heeft een blog geschreven, n.a.v. het overlijden van David Bowie.

“Woke up to the awful news that my lovely friend David Bowie passed away. I am so deeply sad, but he just completed a radical and audacious new album, and that is a great thing. Personally I am grateful to him for doing it.

For those who were his fans he was a charismatic and exotic creature and still gloriously beautiful even as he approached 70. But face to face he was funny, clever, well-read, excited by the arts, and really good company.

In a Japanese restaurant we once ate tiny live crabs sent over to our table by a businessman fan. David said we must try, out of courtesy. I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else on the planet. Delicious, of course.

He was simply a joy to be around, so good at making everyone feel at ease. I’m sorry to hear it was cancer that got him. I knew he had been ill for several years but didn’t know the details. My thoughts now go to his family and close ones, and to so many of his fans who will be beyond distraught today. We have lost a monumental figurehead of the British arts scene. We have also lost a wonderful clown whose combined sense of mischief and creativity delightedly touched our hearts. David Bowie was my Salvador Dali. He was also one facet of my perfect Ace Face

Pete over Robert Stigwood

Pete heeft een blog geschreven n.a.v. het overlijden van Robert Stigwood. Stigwoord overleed op 81-jarige leeftijd. Hij produceerde “Substitute”  toen de band in de clinch lag met Shel Talmy. Ook produceerde hij de “Tommy”-film in 1975. In zijn blog zegt Pete er spijt van te hebben dat hij niet eerder contact heeft opgenomen met “Stiggy”.

I’m so annoyed that I didn’t try harder to reconnect with my old friend Robert Stigwood before he died. We always had such fun together and he was a grand supporter of The Who and me in particular. He was one of the few men I met who openly confessed to finding me attractive and I was grateful he had the courage to tell me.

His more practical work with and for The Who started in 1966 when we needed a shelter label to release ‘SUBSTITUTE’ while fighting a court case against Shel Talmy. Robert’s new label Reaction was probably the first real independent UK label coming before our own Track and providing a model.

Later he produced the movie of TOMMY and he and I had spoken recently about a possible remake, maybe using animation.

There is no question the Bee Gees were his master stroke, a complex band of brothers each immensely talented in his own way. But Robert’s work as a stage and film producer was what made him unique in the modern music business. He could make decisions quickly and his instincts were so often dead right. A natural producer with a real sense of what the wider public would most enjoy. He had no time for snobbery.

He was also a yachtsman in a style as grand as Onassis or Niarchos, living on board his stunning classic motor yacht for many years, and irritating the tax men around the world as a result.

I’ll always remember him as Stiggy. Funny, sometimes tipsy, always sharp and really unashamedly and joyfully gay. I won’t miss him too much because I’ve been missing him since I last spoke to him about eight years ago. Take my advice: don’t leave it too long to reconnect with cherished old friends. Butt into their lives and be annoying. I wish now I’d tried harder.

Bon Voyage Stiggy”.

Artikel over The Who in Den Haag

Op WestEndDrums een artikel over het optreden dat The Who op 21 september 1965 in Den Haag gaf. Bij het artikel de eerste foto die ooit van die dag verschenen is.

“Een roadie van de band of Keith Moon zelf (dat is ongewis) verzocht om een hamer, spijkers en een stevig stuk touw! Dit verzoek bracht minimaal enige verwondering, maar vooral angst teweeg; vooral bij Jaap Eggermont. Deze vrees bleek later toch ongegrond. Er werd echter flink op het kleine en lage podium van de Marathon gerost en gekleund om een houten blok aan de vloer te verankeren, om het verschuiven van de bass-drum te voorkomen. Een regulier bass-drum ankertje met twee scherpe pennetjes, zou klaarblijkelijk voor Moon niet voldoen. Voorts werd er een boeiend patroon van spijkers in het podium geslagen om met behulp van het aangeleverde touw, drumkruk, hi-hat en bekkenstandaards aan elkaar te verbinden. Het leek een volkomen passende benadering, gelet op de reputatie van The Who, en die in het bijzonder van drummer Moon. 

Voorzichtigheid was geboden met de, ter beschikking gestelde, apparatuur. Het zou er ‘volgens overlevering’ nogal ruig aan toe gaan. Maar wie wist daar nu (in Nederland) op dat moment, precies het fijne van? Het was meer een kwestie van ‘in spanning afwachten’ en de schade-formulieren bij de hand houden. En wie zou per slot van zaken zijn eigendommen laten slopen en onverstoord daarbij toekijken?

Update: inmiddels is er meer informatie boven water gekomen van het optreden in Den Haag. Klik hier (met dank aan DirkJan en Rob van der Werf)