“The Who hits 50 – and looks forward”

The Oakland Press heeft een artikel over het 50-jarig bestaan van The Who. In het artikel worden Pete en Roger geïnterviewd.

Roger and I have discovered something very new between us“, aldus Pete. “Roger is very much in line with the general malaise of old-timer Who fans. He exalts the music. He exalts the history. He has a deep and passionate connection to it. He expresses himself best through that music, and whenever The Who is not functioning, whenever he’s not on stage singing, I think he misses it more than I do. And whether I see the Who as an abstract or not, I care about Roger more than I used to, and I think I care more about trying to make sure Roger still has a way of expressing that stuff“.

Over de toekomst zegt Pete: “I have to say both of us are quite excited about what we might do. I think beyond the big birthday we will do things, and I think for me it would have to be new. It would have to be completely free of everything we’ve done in the past. There’s definitely a lot to be done, though, and that’s exciting and somewhat inspiring to me at this point of my life. And if we happen to do an album together or whatever it is, it would be stupid not to call it the Who. It would be as much the Who as anything we’ve ever done“.


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