Roger brengt “Let My Love Open The Door” uit

Roger heeft zijn versie van “Let My Love Open The Door” uitgebracht voor Teen Cancer America. Dat meldt The Who op haar officiële Facebookpagina.

Whether by downloading this track or by other means, we hope people will open their hearts and open the door to assist Teen Cancer America. The mission isn’t just to fight teen cancer, but to create facilities where teens and young adults can feel like they belong — to create spaces different from the spaces children and adults have. Together, with First Citizens’ help, we can bridge this gap”, aldus Roger.

Simon Davies van Teen Cancer America laat weten: “Since the launch of the ‘Let My Love Open The Door’ initiative in November, we’ve had many requests for a download of the song that is featured in the First Citizens commercial. We’re pleased that it’s now available to the public and delighted that proceeds will help open the door to even better care and futures for young people with cancer. Thanks go to First Citizens for their extraordinary efforts to support and develop the concept for using this song and, of course, Roger Daltrey and his tremendous enthusiasm for this project as a champion for our cause

Roger nam het nummer op, drie weken nadat hij uit het ziekenhuis ontslagen was.

Meer informatie op de site van First Citizens.


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