“The Who delivers a final Detroit hurrah”

Freep.com heeft een recensie van het concert gisteravond in Detroit.

“It was a full-bodied, free-spirited show for a capacity crowd at Joe Louis Arena, where the band’s surviving duo led an upbeat journey through the band’s hit repertoire. (…) The manic energy may be tempered now, the mood more nostalgic than dangerous, but there was plenty of trademark Who on the Joe Louis stage in a show that conjured some of rock’s most iconic imagery: Daltrey’s marching moves and swinging microphone, Townshend’s windmilling guitar strokes and crisp rhythmic riffing

Backstage liet Pete weten dat Detroit er niet op hoeft te rekenen dat The Who terugkeert. “Nope. We might do occasional shows, but we won’t be touring again. You know, unlike a sports team, we can’t replace our members. It’s not dissimilar — you get to a certain age, you can do (only) a certain amount. You get to a certain age, and it’s tricky to do the road work

Vrijdagavond was Pete overigens te vinden in een opnamestudio.

“The band had spent several days in metro Detroit ahead of the tour opener, with Townshend taking the opportunity to head into Waterford’s new 45 Factory studio for a Friday night recording session, where he tracked a new acoustic song for an upcoming project. The ’60s-inspired studio was opened in November by engineer Ryan McGuire, who for years has helped outfit Townshend’s personal studios via his role with the Ferndale-based gear company Vintage King.”


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