Roger neemt X-factor winnaar onder hoede

Roger heeft X-Factor winnaar Shayne Ward onder zijn hoede genomen. Dat meldt The Mirror. Roger geeft Ward advies.


Racen met Roger


The Daily Mail heeft een artikel over Roger's avonturen op het racecircuit van Hethel, bij Norwich. Hij reed in een aantal racewagens, de Evora en de Lotus T125. 
"I can’t see the end of the track! I’m a bloody OAP. Do I need a blue badge for this?", grapte Roger, die snelheden haalde van 160 mijl per uur. "I wasn’t frightened of it, but it took some getting used to. The Gforce is tremendous. It’s great on the straights, but going through the chicanes was something else.
Driving the Formula One car around the track was far harder work than performing on stage. You really do need to be incredibly fit. You probably basically need to be young x97 your insides get thrown about.
With poor eyesight, the only real difficulty was seeing. I wasn’t used to the corners coming up that quickly. The whole experience has left me with ultimate respect for Formula 1 racing drivers", zei Roger na zijn rit.


Roger, die tijdens de rit net deed alsof hij door de politie achtervolgd werd op de M25, zei dat hij flitsers erg gevaarlijk vond: "The most dangerous thing ever invented is the speed camera. Everyone is looking out for the damned cameras, rather than watching the road"

Roger (2007): "Amy can't want to die, surely?"

In het verleden heeft Roger zich een aantal keren publiekelijk zorgen gemaakt over de gisteren overleden Amy Winehouse.

In The Sun van 5 september 2007 schreef hij een open brief aan Amy en Pete Doherty.
"I've felt the pain and grief of losing friends and I can tell you, it's not cool. I knew them all x97 Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin too many to list x97 and it's incredible to think they've all gone. Watching Pete Doherty and indeed Amy Winehouse is very sad…I don't know how to help Amy. It doesn't help if I tell her I've seen it all before and this is what is going to happen. She has to want to do it and you can't change it. That's the tragedy. She can't really want to kill herself, can she? The problem is they never think it's going to happen to them. She must know what she's doing, what path she is on, and she can't want to die, surely?"

Zie ook Het Laatste Nieuws van die dag over deze waarschuwing.

Op 19 februari 2008 meldde Showbiz Spy dat Roger de vader van Amy Winehouse had gebeld.
"Roger phoned me yesterday and we talked about his experiences of drug addiction in his family, it’s a great support knowing people care"

In oktober 2008 meldde RockRadio dat Roger een rol in de musicalversie van Quadrophenia zag voor Amy.

Patricia Clarkson: "I had a crush on Roger Daltrey"

She heeft een interview met actrice Patricia Clarkson. Op de vraag van wie zij graag een groupie PCzou willen zijn, antwoordt ze: "The Who! Roger Daltrey. I had such a crush on him. Remember him as the 
centaur on his album cover? I was obsessed with that. Or, I could go way back and I’d be a groupie for Shaun Cassidy or David Cassidy. I was obsessed with them too. I had them on my wall

Roger geeft af op U2, Labour, concertregistraties, etc…

De Morgen meldt dat Roger het uitzenden van liveconcerten op TV maar niks vindt. "Telkens ik zoiets zie, word ik er kotsmisselijk van. Door een rockconcert op televisie te volgen, mis je de essentie van de muziek. Rockmuziek is niet gemaakt om op televisie uit te zenden. De muziek komt veel beter tot zijn recht als je er live bij bent. Door al de televisieaandacht die er dezer dagen naar festivals en concerten gaat, is de line-up vaak een grote eenheidsworst. Bovendien worden heel wat band fiks onderbetaald", aldus Roger.


Daily Star gaat verder over de opmerkingen van Roger tegen Labour en de immigratiepolitiek.
"They don’t realise how hard the average man has to work to pay those taxes. I don’t see anybody in the Government with a pair of balls. They’re so spineless". Ook noemt hij U2 zanger Bono een "tax dodger", omdat U2 de zaken nu vanuit Nederland regelt, vanwege het belastingklimaat. "I find it very interesting that people who spout socialism don’t want to pay for a socialist state"

International Business Times, de Evening Standard, The Telegraph en ContactMusic hebben eveneens een artikel over Roger's politieke uitingen.

In de NME kijkt Roger ook terug op de tour, waarbij hij opgenomen moest worden wegens een tekort aan zout. "I was having terrible trouble hearing what I was singing and it did get to me. In fact, I've been suffering for quite a few of the previous tours. I never understood that if you sweat as much as I used to every night, you drain your body of salts. So I got very, very, seriously ill. I got to the stage where I was almost hospitalised with serious problems."
Ook zegt Roger: "We're in the last bits of our career. I feel that we owe it to the public that supported us all these years to go down with us".

Interview met Roger

The Daily Mail heeft een uitgebreid interview met Roger geplaatst.

Over zijn stem:
"That was a bit of a scare because I didn’t know what it was. I was finding it difficult to sing, the notes were becoming more difficult and taking up more energy. I got lucky x97 I found probably the best throat guy in the world and he got me back to a voice that is probably better now that it has been for years. I have deliberately kept singing because I have to at my age. If I stopped for even a year my voice would slowly deteriorate until it’s not there at all. That’s a fact about getting to my age. Rock musicians have never been this age before and so we are in the land of the unknown really. I could never stop. I just love to play. I enjoy singing; being in touch with something that is inside of me"
Over Pete:
‘Pete is almost stone deaf. He deafened himself in the recording studio, and when we last performed he had to stand right next to the speakers to hear anything. I don’t know what Pete will do. I don’t want to do a tour and have him end up completely deaf. I love Pete to bits. He’s incredibly complex; bordering on madness. But when he is creative, some of the music he makes is incredible and we’ve been together for 50 years; we’re like brothers"

Over zijn huwelijk:
"It’s not an open marriage, but in the early days of our relationship she never put restrictions on me. I was in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, going out for four months at a time. At that age do you expect me to come back and say, “Oh yes darling, I was a good boy?”. ‘Over years we have developed something a lot deeper than that x97 she is the most extraordinary woman I know."

Over Labour en de politiek in Engeland:
"It’s fine to say everybody can come into your country, but everybody should work towards a standard of living expected by people who live here. Not come here, live 20 to a room, pay no tax, send money home and undercut every builder in London. They slaughtered the working class in this country. I hate them for it because it is always the little man who is hurt badly. It’s terrible. It frustrates me. We have got to stop pandering to people because we won’t be able to afford to keep this going. At the very least, it should be a pre-requisite that people have to learn English"

Over The Voice:
"The problem with these shows is I don’t like the people they choose. It’s partly because the public doesn’t understand what great voices are; they tend to choose mediocrity. With a singer like Adele you know within 20 seconds it’s her; and she has a quality that they don’t seem to be able to find in these shows. They end up with singers who are technically brilliant but have insignificant voices; they are great backing singers. (..)  With The Voice, I liked the idea you have to choose the voice before seeing the person, but a great voice is one in 5,000; otherwise it’s a mass of mediocrity. Ooops! That will get me unemployed for the rest of my life in television."

Roger over het optreden op GuilFest

Get Surrey heeft een interview geplaatst met Roger, n.a.v. het optreden op GuilFest.

Daltrey zegt o.a. dat hij nog niet gaat stoppen met zingen: "If I stop singing at my age, my voice will just go – it’s not like a guitar string where you can just get another one. I just want to keep singing in case Pete ever decides he can get back on stage with his hearing".

Over de show in de Royal Albert Hall: "I’d never done what I would consider a live solo show in the UK before, I’d been guests on things but it’s never been my own show. I’d done it in the States but not here. I didn’t even know whether we would have an audience and I was very surprised the show sold out the fastest of any for the whole week".

Herinneringen aan eerdere optredens in de buurt van Surrey: "We didn’t used to play many gigs in Surrey. We used to do Reigate, Redhill and Crawley, and I’m sure we played Guildford in the past but I don’t remember anything about it.There have been never really been many places to play in Surrey".

Ook steekt hij zijn bewondering voor Liam Gallagher weer niet onder stoelen of banken: "I really like Beady Eye. I think Liam has done a great job with that band. I’ve got a real soft spot for Liam – he’s a great guy. He had to prove it to himself that he could do it without all the booze and the crap and he’s really cleaned himself up.