Berichten over opnamesessie Pete

The Oakland Press en KWBE hebben berichten over de opnamesessie die Pete vorige week vrijdag had in de Waterford Studio in Detroit. Bob Pridden was eveneens bij die sessie aanwezig.

Producer Ryan McGuire laat aan KWBE weten: “Pete’s a true icon and recording him was an experience I’ll never forget“. Pete liet op zijn beurt weten: ““I had a great direct-to-tape session at the 45 Factory. Wonderful sound, the way it always used to be for me, and very close to the sound I get in my own ‘Vintage’ style studio. But at the 45 Factory most things are new, or fully restored to new condition and everything works beautifully“.


“Who tour hits Detroit”

MLive heeft een recensie van het concert dat The Who gisteravond in Detroit gaf. Ook wordt teruggekeken op eerdere concerten die The Who in de stad gaf.

“The Who Hits 50 tour gave fans what they wanted with high energy and plenty of hit songs. The band played 20 songs non-stop for two hours. Daltrey’s vocals are still powerful and Townshend killed it on guitar all night. He made sure to include numerous windmills. (…) Daltrey and Townshend are 70 and 71 now, but still rocked like they were in their 20s. While some “haters” don’t understand why some bands continue to play when they get “older,” many true music fans realize it’s perhaps their last chance to see some of the pioneers of rock, live and in person“.

Ook foto’s van de ontmoeting van Russ Gibb met The Who. Hij was de eerste die destijds concerten van the Who in Detroit boekte.

Ook Billboard heeft een recensie.

Roger brengt “Let My Love Open The Door” uit

Roger heeft zijn versie van “Let My Love Open The Door” uitgebracht voor Teen Cancer America. Dat meldt The Who op haar officiële Facebookpagina.

Whether by downloading this track or by other means, we hope people will open their hearts and open the door to assist Teen Cancer America. The mission isn’t just to fight teen cancer, but to create facilities where teens and young adults can feel like they belong — to create spaces different from the spaces children and adults have. Together, with First Citizens’ help, we can bridge this gap”, aldus Roger.

Simon Davies van Teen Cancer America laat weten: “Since the launch of the ‘Let My Love Open The Door’ initiative in November, we’ve had many requests for a download of the song that is featured in the First Citizens commercial. We’re pleased that it’s now available to the public and delighted that proceeds will help open the door to even better care and futures for young people with cancer. Thanks go to First Citizens for their extraordinary efforts to support and develop the concept for using this song and, of course, Roger Daltrey and his tremendous enthusiasm for this project as a champion for our cause

Roger nam het nummer op, drie weken nadat hij uit het ziekenhuis ontslagen was.

Meer informatie op de site van First Citizens.

Roger: “All I Could Do Was Lay There and Groan”

Op Yahoo een interview met Roger, waarin hij uitgebreid praat over zijn hersenvliesontsteking. Ook Ultimate Classic Rock heeft een bericht.

“I was shocked when they told me what it was. They immediately sent the anti-virals going and God knows how many antibiotics and how much cortisone. It’s big guns — not pleasant at all. The whole time I was in there, pretty much all I could do was lay there and groan. It’s a weird one and there’s an awful long recovery process, too“, zo vertelt Roger.

“I kept getting these strange twinges and headaches, and they got worse and worse and worse. In the end, I was basically on my hands and knees. I was in hospital for a week and they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. They did bone marrow scans and I had about four spinal taps. I’m actually the most Spinal Tapped rock singer in the world [laughs]. Actually, they were very unpleasant. I can’t say it was fun“.

The Who bij “The Tonight Show”

The Who zal op 4 maart te zien zijn bij “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”. Dat meldt BestClassicBands.

“To celebrate the re-launch of the final North American dates of The Who Hits 50! tour, the band will be guests on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, March 4 at 11:35 PM (ET/PT) on NBC. Well rested and in prime shape since postponing the second leg of the tour due to Roger Daltrey’s recent bout with viral meningitis, The Who are earning stellar reviews throughout the 50th anniversary farewell“.

“The Who delivers a final Detroit hurrah” heeft een recensie van het concert gisteravond in Detroit.

“It was a full-bodied, free-spirited show for a capacity crowd at Joe Louis Arena, where the band’s surviving duo led an upbeat journey through the band’s hit repertoire. (…) The manic energy may be tempered now, the mood more nostalgic than dangerous, but there was plenty of trademark Who on the Joe Louis stage in a show that conjured some of rock’s most iconic imagery: Daltrey’s marching moves and swinging microphone, Townshend’s windmilling guitar strokes and crisp rhythmic riffing

Backstage liet Pete weten dat Detroit er niet op hoeft te rekenen dat The Who terugkeert. “Nope. We might do occasional shows, but we won’t be touring again. You know, unlike a sports team, we can’t replace our members. It’s not dissimilar — you get to a certain age, you can do (only) a certain amount. You get to a certain age, and it’s tricky to do the road work

Vrijdagavond was Pete overigens te vinden in een opnamestudio.

“The band had spent several days in metro Detroit ahead of the tour opener, with Townshend taking the opportunity to head into Waterford’s new 45 Factory studio for a Friday night recording session, where he tracked a new acoustic song for an upcoming project. The ’60s-inspired studio was opened in November by engineer Ryan McGuire, who for years has helped outfit Townshend’s personal studios via his role with the Ferndale-based gear company Vintage King.”

“The Who shows much love for Detroit”

Gisteravond speelde The Who het eerste concert van de Amerikaanse tour in Detroit. De band speelde in de Joe Louis Arena. De manager van deze hal is Tom Wright, een goede vriend van Pete Townshend. Pete noemde hem dan ook tijdens het concert. “The Real Me” was toegevoegd aan de set.

Who Are You
The Seeker
The Kids Are Alright
I Can See for Miles
My Generation
The Real Me
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
I’m One
The Rock
Love Reign O’er Me
Eminence Front
Amazing Journey/Sparks
Pinball Wizard
See Me Feel Me/Listening to You
Baba O’Riley
Won’t Get Fooled Again

We are not just senior citizens. We are wise, wonderful, worthy wankers!“, zo meldde Pete tijdens het concert. Ook nam hij de Beach Boys op de hak: “If you listen to our stuff you know we do a lot with backing vocals. We pretended to be the Beach Boys — only better. I could never have written ‘God Only Knows.’ That’s one of the best songs ever“.

Roger maakte melding van zijn hersenvliesontsteking en zei: “I want to thank you nice people who supported me last year. We never gave up. Thank you for your support. It was fantastic“.

The Oakland Press concludeert: “And if it does wind up being the band’s last Detroit appearance ever, the group ended on a strong and mutually loving note.

The Detroit News heeft foto’s.

“The Who hits 50 – and looks forward”

The Oakland Press heeft een artikel over het 50-jarig bestaan van The Who. In het artikel worden Pete en Roger geïnterviewd.

Roger and I have discovered something very new between us“, aldus Pete. “Roger is very much in line with the general malaise of old-timer Who fans. He exalts the music. He exalts the history. He has a deep and passionate connection to it. He expresses himself best through that music, and whenever The Who is not functioning, whenever he’s not on stage singing, I think he misses it more than I do. And whether I see the Who as an abstract or not, I care about Roger more than I used to, and I think I care more about trying to make sure Roger still has a way of expressing that stuff“.

Over de toekomst zegt Pete: “I have to say both of us are quite excited about what we might do. I think beyond the big birthday we will do things, and I think for me it would have to be new. It would have to be completely free of everything we’ve done in the past. There’s definitely a lot to be done, though, and that’s exciting and somewhat inspiring to me at this point of my life. And if we happen to do an album together or whatever it is, it would be stupid not to call it the Who. It would be as much the Who as anything we’ve ever done“.